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January 10th, 2013

We’ve long admired the good work that EDSITEment, the learning hub for the National Endowment for the Humanities, does for teachers. Their website is full of resources, lesson plans, and educational links that bring “the best of the humanities on the web” to both teachers and students. (And, while you’re perusing the website, be sure to check out our “Meaning of America” curriculum as part of their Launchpad series of lesson plans.) 

So we are especially excited to welcome EDSITEment to the blogosphere, which they joined late on Monday afternoon. Writing at their “Closer Readings” blog at Thinkfinity, they explain the purpose of the new blog:

For the past year, EDSITEment has been watching as the Common Core State Standards are slowly rolled out across the nation. As the new year begins, we decided to start a blog to further knowledge and discussion of noteworthy developments in this educational arena. Here are some of the purposes this new blog aims to serve:

    • To highlight exemplary humanities projects that engage with the Common Core Standards
    • To showcase EDSITEment-vetted websites that are appropriate for CCSS
    • To highlight new and existing EDSITEment lessons useful for CCS
    • To focus on the best of what’s being said in newspapers, blogs, and other media about the Common Core

We’ll be covering all this and more…  In addition, look forward to a guest blogger from the education community once a month who will be online at the Community to respond to your questions about her/his posts.

Some of the helpful tips from this week’s post include:

  • Tim Bailey, a 2009 American Historical Association “Teacher of the Year,” has developed 16 short history lessons on “Teaching the Common Core” for the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History.
  • The National Humanities Center is offering two Common Core webinars this week, one on the close reading of poetry and fiction and the other on the close reading of historical and informational texts. Both webinars will be recorded and archived for future reference. Learn more about upcoming webinars here.
  • David Coleman, head of the College Board and architect of the Common Core English Language Arts Standards, is participating in a discussion this morning at the American Enterprise Institute: “Common Core: What’s next for school systems?” (You can livestream or watch a recording of the event at the link.)
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