Sworn-Again America

September 12th, 2012

Eric Liu, whose article in the journal Democracy, “Sworn-Again Americans,” is worth reading, has a new project as part of his work with the Guiding Lights Network: Sworn-Again America. The new project seeks to “revitalize citizenship, [… to] reconsider what it means to be an American” and encourages Americans to “[r]elearn our shared history. Reimagine what we can do to make an unum out of the pluribus, and then, in ceremonies at dinner tables, block parties, or town square[s], with five or five thousand, take the oath to become a Sworn-Again American!”

The Oath:

I pledge to be an active American
to show up for others
to govern my self
to help govern my community
I recommit myself to my country’s creed
to cherish liberty
as a responsibility
I pledge to serve
and to push my country:
when right, to be kept right;
when wrong, to be set right
Wherever my ancestors and I were born,
I claim America
and I pledge to live like a citizen

To help Americans learn more about what it means to be a thoughtful citizen, the project has compiled a toolkit that includes a template of suggested “civic scripture” to read and questions to discuss:

Some of these questions are for you and your family to figure out. Some you can answer by looking at the sample questions and answers for the US Citizenship Exam given to naturalizing immigrants. Some might require that you search through great resource books like The American Bible (a collection of classic civic texts, edited by Stephen Prothero), The Patriot’s Handbook (Caroline Kennedy, editor) and What So Proudly We Hail, (Leon and Amy Kass, editors). Still other questions may require that you simply step out, participate, and see what happens.”

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