New York releases grade 9-12 Social Studies Common Core framework

February 21st, 2013

Earlier this month, the New York State Education Department and the Board of Regents released a new draft of the state’s Social Studies Common Core framework for grades 9–12. (The proposed framework for K–8 grades was made available in September.) The boards are now seeking feedback on the proposed framework, and residents have until March 8 to complete a survey and provide any input they have on the proposed standards.

The New York Education Department has more:

NYSED has taken steps to align the current social studies learning standards (United States and New York State History; World History; Geography; Economics; and Civics, Citizenship, and Government) with the requirements of the Common Core State Standards. This work has been developed in consultation with teachers and leaders in P-12 schools and higher education institutions. The draft New York State Common Core K-8 Social Studies Framework was posted in September 2012 for public review and comment at A survey was conducted during September and early October and results were reviewed by the Social Studies Content Advisory Panel in October.

At the September 2012 meeting, the Board of Regents discussed a requirement for dividing the current Global History and Geography course of study into two units of study. The Social Studies Content Advisory Panel met in October and discussed this proposal. At the November 2012 meeting, the Board directed staff to seek public input on the proposed changes. A limited survey was conducted in December and the results supported a chronological approach. This information was reviewed with the Board of Regents at the January 2013 meeting and this draft New York State Common Core 9-12 Social Studies Framework was developed accordingly (See:

The draft framework represents a chronological approach to the Global History and Geography course of study, with the first unit addressing the Neolithic Revolution to the beginnings and causes of the Industrial Revolution (approximately 1750), and the second unit beginning with the Enlightenment and continuing through modern times.

This draft framework also incorporates the Key Ideas and Conceptual Understandings for the following courses: United States History and Government; Participation in Government; and Economics, the Enterprise System, and Finance. The draft framework is posted online for public review at

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