Honoring the Flag and Flag Day

June 4th, 2013

With Flag Day coming up, what special activities do you have planned to teach your students about the history and meaning of the US flag?  One idea from our holiday ebook is to discuss with students how, and why, we should honor the flag. 

The US Flag Code provides rules for display and care of the flag. We don’t let the flag touch the ground, we retire old flags through burning, and we salute the flag as it is hoisted and lowered. The flag is always flown higher than other flags, and it should not be displayed during rain or violent weather. The flag is used to mark important moments in American history (it is always displayed, for example, at Fort McHenry) and on days of mourning (such as Memorial Day when it is flown at half-mast). We pledge allegiance to the flag, and it is the subject of numerous patriotic songs, including our national anthem.

Ask your students why we should honor the flag and the rules for its display. Why is the flag important? Do symbols matter? Are there other national symbols (e.g., the Liberty Bell, the Washington Monument, the Great Seal of the United States) that deserve similar reverence? What symbols are personally important to you? 

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