Enjoy a Virtual Tour of Mark Twain’s Home

June 17th, 2013

Thanks to a new feature from Google, inquisitive history buffs have the opportunity to take a tour of Mark Twain’s home from the comfort of their desktop. Instead of traveling to the historic Hartford, Connecticut museum where Twain lived from 1874–91, users can enjoy a virtual walk-through free of charge.

As Richard Byrne notes, this new software is a great benefit to teachers who want to give students a more hands-on appreciation of history.

Google’s continuous expansion of Google Street View imagery means that our opportunities to take students on virtual tours continues to expand too. I love using imagery to prompt students to ask questions that they can then research the answers to.

Other virtual destinations include Vermont’s historic State House and the Cape Henry Lighthouse in Virginia.

Enjoy a collection of Twain’s short stories with introductions by Amy and Leon Kass in our Library.

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