Blogger Spotlight: Unique Lesson Plans

July 26th, 2013

Every Friday we highlight our favorite education posts from the week. In this week’s Blogger Spotlight, check out these unique lesson ideas that engage students. From the brand-new We the People interactive ebook to a Revolutionary War problem-solving game, these tools are ready for use in the classroom.

We the People: The Center for Civic Education has developed a fully interactive ebook for high school civics.

Looking for class conversation starters? Glenn Wiebe recommends the TED-Ed video tool to create short social studies video clips for your class.

Crown or Colony? Check out this interactive Revolutionary War activity from EDSITEment that puts your students in the mind of a colonist.

Are you a great storyteller? Suzie Boss explains the teaching benefits of being an excellent storyteller.

Summer vacation as a teaching tool: Try these tips from EDSITEment about the activities students can complete while they travel.

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