Blogger Spotlight: Intersection of Technology and Education

July 12th, 2013

In this week’s installment of the Blogger Spotlight, learn about the array of online tools available to teachers to enhance their lessons. From studying the Battle of Gettysburg and Abraham Lincoln, to online primary-source themed professional development resources, these posts will give you some ideas about sharpening your curriculum.

Interested in solving the mystery of Gettysburg? Read Glenn W’s fascinating post about using mapping technology to interpret General Robert E. Lee’s unusual strategy during the battle.

A formula for success: Learn about TeamCFA’s cumulative charter school curriculum which molds students into engaged citizens.

Primed for primary sources? Read Kathleen McGuigan’s post about the Library of Congress’s extensive professional development series tailored to primary sources.

Ever wanted to learn more about Lincoln? Consider joining this fantastic graduate course on Lincoln, taught by scholar  Matthew Pinkser.

Combine your Common Core lessons with technology. Read this post by EDSITEment about takeaways from the 13th Annual International Society for Technology in Education Conference.  



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