Blogger Spotlight: Implementing the Common Core

August 30th, 2013

Every Friday we highlight our favorite education blog posts from the week. This edition of the Blogger Spotlight focuses on the Common Core State Standards and how to best implement them in your class. From close reading professional development seminars to Common Core advice from an unusual source (Anton Chekhov), this week’s posts explore the CCSS.

Close Reading Professional Development: Richard Schramm highlights the National Humanities Center’s extensive professional development seminars, all tailored to the Common Core. 

Content Knowledge and the Common Core: E. D. Hirsch argues that standardized test reading passages should be based on knowledge learned in the classroom.

Endless Academic Striving: James Marshall Crotty offers Common Core insights inspired by Anton Chekhov.

Teaching as an Art: Read Lisa Michelle Dabbs’ piece for Edutopia, stressing the importance of authenticity in the classroom.

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