Blogger Spotlight: Engaging Your Students

June 7th, 2013

Every Friday we will be highlighting our favorite education blog posts from the week. Check out the first installment!

Why reading is tough: Lisa Hansel argues that a “content-rich, coherent curriculum” is more effective than simple vocabulary lists.

If you leave many books half-read, you’re not alone. Here Jen Doll considers all the books we leave unfinished.

Daniel Willingham shares fascinating new research suggesting that students comprehend and remember new information much better when it is presented in a narrative.

Matt Davis gives great tips to help students prevent the “summer slide” and to encourage summer learning.

Can software solve civic problems? Find out from the developers who participated in the White House’s “National Day of Civic Hacking.”

Maurice Elias shows how you can make lessons more engaging by beginning your class with an inspirational quote or provocative question related to the day’s material.

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