Author: Lee Martin

Lee Martin (b. 1955) is a novelist, short story writer, and professor of creative writing at The Ohio State University. Born on a farm in southeastern Illinois, he earned an MFA from the University of Arkansas and his Ph.D. from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Martin is the author of many novels, including Break the Skin (2011), River of Heaven (2009), and The Bright Forever (2006), a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize, along with two memoirs—Such a Life (2012) and Turning Bones (2003)—and a collection of short stories, The Least You Need to Know (1996). 

The Welcome Table

Lee Martin

In this disturbing story (1996) by novelist, short story writer and professor of creative writing at Ohio State University, Lee Martin (b. 1955), we see what happens to both father and son of a New Hampshire family that has relocated to Nashville, Tennessee during the time of the lunch counter sit-ins (1960).