Author: James Thacher

James Thacher (1754–1844) was an American physician and historical author born in Barnstable, Massachusetts. During the Revolutionary War, he served as a surgeon in the Massachusetts 16th Regiment and was a witness to the 1781 surrender of the British in Yorktown. In his Military Journal during the American Revolutionary War (1823), Thacher gives his account of the fighting and intrigue. He penned other historical volumes that chronicled American culture and politics in the post-Revolutionary War-era. Following the war, Thacher practiced medicine in Plymouth, Massachusetts. He married Susannah Hayward, and they had six children, although only two daughters survived into adulthood.

The Siege at Yorktown

James Thacher

James Thacher (1754–1844) was a Massachusetts-born surgeon and writer who served with the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War. Many years later (1823), he published his diaries written during the war, from which these excerpts are taken. Present during the siege of Yorktown and at the final surrender of the British, Thacher provides this eyewitness account of the end of the war.