Author: Dorothy Canfield Fisher

Dorothy Canfield Fisher (1879–1958) was an American author, education reformer, and activist. A Kansas native, Fisher attended Ohio State University—of which her father served as president—and continued on to Columbia University for graduate studies, where she met and married her husband, John Redwood Fisher, in 1907. Profoundly upset by the outbreak of the First World War, the Fisher family moved to France in 1915, where her husband served in the French Army as an ambulance driver and she raised their two children while also volunteering for war relief efforts. After the war, Fisher and her family moved to Vermont, where she continued her social activism and wrote several best-selling books for children. 

A New Pioneer

Dorothy Canfield Fisher

Daniel Webster asked his auditors to imagine themselves in the place of the Pilgrims 200 years before. In this story from 1940, for and about young schoolchildren, Dorothy Canfield Fisher (1879–1958)—American author, education reformer, and activist—enables her readers to appreciate the immigrant experience in their own time.