Author: Ana Menendez

The daughter of Cuban exiles, Ana Menéndez (b. 1964) was born in Los Angeles and later moved to Miami. She has worked as a journalist for the Miami Herald and the Orange County Register, and has written four books of fiction, earning a Pushcart Prize for In Cuba I Was a German Shepherd. Her other books include Loving Che, The Last War, and Adios, Happy Homeland! Her work has appeared in a variety of publications, including Vogue, Bomb Magazine, Poets & Writers, and Gourmet Magazine, and has been included in several anthologies, including Cubanisimo! and American Food Writing

Celebrations of Thanksgiving: Cuban Seasonings

Ana Menendez

Many Americans today, no less than in times past, are immigrants—or children of immigrants—who live between the culture of their homeland and the culture of their new home to which they are, sooner or later, assimilated. This story, written in 2004 by Los Angeles-born Cuban American novelist and journalist Ana Menéndez (b. 1970) shows the way a Cuban immigrant family dealt with this cultural “doubleness” around the peculiarly American holiday of Thanksgiving.