5 Readings for Columbus Day Weekend

October 11th, 2013

It’s Columbus Day weekend! In honor of the holiday, learn about the legendary explorer and consider the Columbian themes of adventure, immigration, and the New World with our free ebook. Here are our top five readings for the holiday weekend:

 1. Try to imagine yourself both as Columbus and as one of Columbus’ crew with this excerpt from Washington Irving’s history of Columbus. 

2. Read this charming poem about Columbus’ quest with your children. And here’s another great selection for younger kids: Columbus and the Egg.

3. For many Americans, Columbus represents exploration and adventure. Read this gripping tale of survival and consider the strengths and weaknesses of the “rugged individual.”

4. Columbus Day also celebrates the immigrant experience. Read this stimulating speech by Teddy Roosevelt to the Knights of Columbus about the relation between America’s democratic principles and immigration.

5. “Columbus Day is for all Americans:” William J. Connell explores the origins and history of the holiday.

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